COVID 19 Practices and Procedures

We have always prided ourselves in our exceptional service and superior cleaning practices but due to COVID 19 our practices and procedures have been updated in order to adhere to Ontario public health directives.

Spa Zone’s daily cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting practices:

  • Sanitizing pedicure beds, manicure tables, trollies, stands, chairs and containers after every client using Accel RTU
  • Sanitizing front desk, debit/credit machine, phones, pencils/pens, calculator, light switches, door han-dles, sinks and faucets multiple times daily
  • Using foot baths that have no vents or holes inside basin to ensure they can be scrubbed clean, dried and sanitized using Accel RTU after every use
  • Thoroughly cleaning, drying and disinfecting all tools used after every client for 20+ minutes in Accel CS20
  • Emptying, washing, drying and filling disinfecting vessel with CS20 every 2 weeks as directed by the manufacturer and public health
  • Disinfect all machines (& it’s hoses and wires) used with each client (ie, laser, microdermabrasion, gel cure light, electrolysis machine and facial equipment) using Accel wipes
  • Therapists wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after services
  • Therapists using alcohol hand sanitizer very often throughout the workday
  • Sticks are NEVER re dipped into wax!!!!!!
  • Using a new nail file, buffer and wood stick for every client
  • All linens are changed after every client and laundered to disinfect
  • Disposable bed liners are used once and discarded after every client on our waxing beds
  • Discarding rubbish and bio hazard in a responsible and sanitary manner

Added procedures for reopening:

We have temporarily ceased the following services: ear piercing, facials, lash/brow tinting, lash curl/
lifting, facial treatments and any facial hair removal (waxing, electrolysis and laser/IPL)


  • Asking clients to re book appointment, even on short notice if they are not feeling well
  • Asking clients to arrive close to appointment times to control foot traffic in the spa Eliminating waiting area
  • Health screening clients for possible COVID 19 upon arrival for appointments
  • Client must use hand sanitizer or wash hands upon arrival and during appointment
  • A face covering is required for entry (mask, scarf, etc)
  • Therapist is wearing a mask (and sometimes a face shield as well)
  • Furniture has been moved to create more space between clients
  • Therapist is washing hands 25-40 times every hour
  • Hand sanitizer is used between hand washings
  • Clients are asked not to bring food or drink into the spa
  • Food and drinks will not be served at the spa
  • All disposables and tools are covered until time of use to prevent contamination
  • After every client, sanitizing anything touched by the client or therapist: jars, bottles, containers, sample
    colour sticks, chairs, beds, tables, stools, trolleys, floor, equipment, linens, door handles, desk, debit/
    credit machine, pens/pencils, calculator, phones, drawer/cupboard handles, sinks and faucet
  • Staff is health screened daily upon arrival to work

If there are any questions or concerns about our practices, procedures, treatments/services or anything else,
please contact us: OR 519-942-0243 OR spazone2 (on FB, Instagram or twitter)