• Chrome
    add on for chrome over gel polish
  • Nail Art
    add on
  • OPI Gel Polish
    $10 (add on to any manicure)
    *OPI gel soak off polish

    *High gloss, very long lasting colour
    *includes gel removal

  • Gel Removal
  • File & Polish
    Nail shaping and polish application

    *add on for OPI Gel Polish

  • Paraffin Treatment
    *includes deep moisturizing treatment & massage
  • Classic Manicure
    *includes finger soak, cuticle clean up, trim/file, massage & polish  (approx 60min)
  • Lavish Manicure
    *includes deep moisturizing paraffin treatment OR smoothing oil scrub & hot towel
  • Ultimate Manicure
    *includes heated moisturizing paraffin treatment and smoothing oil scrub & hot towel


  • Nail Art
    add on for hand painted art
  • Add On OPI Gel Soak Off Polish
  • File and Polish
  • Paraffin Treatment
    *includes deep moisture treatment and massage
  • Callus Care
    *dry filing of callus & moisturizer
  • Pedicure
    Expert care for your feet.  Like no Pedicure you’ve ever had!

    Qualified and experienced with extreme dryness, diabetic, geriatric, neuropathy, skin conditions, difficult nails, nails prone to ingrowns

    Inlcudes:  foot soak, callus smoothing, nail trim & shape, cuticle care, massage and polish

  • Lavish Pedicure
    Our Classic Pedicure with…..

    *heated deep moisture paraffin treatment OR smoothing oil scrub

  • Ultimate Pedicure
    Our Classic Pedicure plus….

    *heated paraffin treatment AND smoothing scrub leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and deeply moisturized