Ear Piercing

  • Ear Piercing
    **with the purchase of earrings

    ~piercings can be performed on anyone from ages 3 months to 100!

    ~~Our large selection of earrings include: gold, titanium and surgical stainless steel

    ~~The earrings range in price from $25 up to $95

    ~~To ensure we can give you all our attention:   Appointment Required

Safety First

  • Fully Enclosed Earring Cartridges Prevents exposure to cross contamination
  • Patented Safety Back
    The patented Safety Back™ shields the sharp piercing post and prevents the earring from being over tightened to the ear. This provides optimal air flow helping promote healing.
  • Hypo-allergenic earrings* All earrings are Manufactured in the United States and are made compliant to FDA guidelines. Alloys you can trust!
  • Sterility is Guaranteed! Unless the package is opened or damaged. Inverness follows strict sterilization protocols which allow for the written guarantee on every earring cassette.
  • Hand Pressured Piercing Instrument. Our piercing instrument delivers a gentle and accurate piercing. The unique design ensures that only the disposable earring cartridge touches the ear.