Youth Venom

What is it?

A wrinkle antidote. A marvel of beauty. An ultra potent smoothing concentrate, the result of a singular and revolutionary scientific breakthrough.


  • Minimizes wrinkles visibility, even the deep wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Rapidly absorbing texture that instantly gives a sensation of extreme smoothness and tone.
  • 3D relaxing action: helps relax micro skin contractions and reduce the number, volume and depth of wrinkles.
  • For fast and long-lasting results, we recommend 4 sessions of professional treatments.
  • Certified and proven results among external laboratories. In just 28 days.
  • Rich in µ-CONOTOXIN Ill, brand-new patented neuropeptide that reproduces -without side effects-the formidable wrinkle relaxing action of the potent venom produced by the Conus seashell.
  • You can use it in combination with any diego dalla palma professional face cream.

Who is it meant for?

For women of every age that shows expression lines and deep wrinkles.